Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Blog Anniversary!

We started this blog around St. Patrick's Day of 2011, and now here we are a year later! We didn't stick completely to a themed meal for the holiday, but a couple of the items kind of go along with the theme.

Our main dish for dinner was a variation of Mahi Mahi with Asparagus and Almond Sauce from the April 2012 Food Network Magazine. Instead of mahi mahi we used halibut, and we were doing other side dishes so we didn't make the asparagus. The almond sauce was made in the blender, and the parsley stirred in at the end

After the fish was broiled face down for a few minutes, we brushed it with the sauce and continued broiling it until it was almost cooked through

Our salad was from the same magazine: Warm Butter Lettuce Salad with Hazelnuts. The warm part comes from the dressing, which included reduced white wine, shallots and butter

For the herbs, we used chives, parsley, and thyme from the garden at Cornerstone

The last two components of dinner have the most to do with St. Patrick's Day. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Raisins from the March 2012 Bon Appetit seemed to fit the theme because they are in the cabbage family. Our only alteration to these was to make them with prosciutto instead of bacon

And finally, the item that definitely goes with St. Patrick's Day: Soda-Bread Biscuits from the March 2012 FN Magazine. Ours looked more like scones because we cut the dough into wedges rather than rounds

On the menu for dessert was Boston Cream Pie from the March 2012 Food Network Magazine

First we made the vanilla pudding, and put in it the refrigerator to set

Then we made the cake and set it aside to cool

Next we sliced the cake in half and filled it with the pudding

Then the whole thing is topped with a dark chocolate glaze

Overall, everyone loved it! The one thing we all thought is that it would be even better if it had more pudding!

These pictures of Wesley enjoying his piece are a little blurry, but they were too cute to pass up!

For breakfast the next morning we made Walnut Cake from the March 2012 Bon Appetit. The recipe suggests serving it cold, but we ate it fresh out of the oven with whipped cream, and loved it that way! It was really buttery, and just slightly sweet

Happy blog anniversary to us!